Each item bought helps to maintain our mountain footpaths.
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Each year, 500,000 people climb Snowdon alone.

There are more than 65 million* visits to our National Parks each year, and the trails and footpaths are the first to feel this massive impact. Without intervention, erosion scars on the most popular walking routes have been known to grow up to 30 metres wide.

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We are taking responsibility!

We want you to get outside, get hiking, cycling, climbing and running on the very trails that are suffering. Because of this, we make a minimum donation of £1 for every product purchased to organisations throughout the UK working to repair these pathways.

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The Summit Fit Trail Projects mission is simple. We encourage you to get out hiking on hills in our National Parks, to help offset the effect this has on the pathways, we will donate a minimum of £1 per item bought to charities and organizations throughout the UK that help to carry out repairs.

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