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Antur short sleeve performance top.

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Antur, or Adventure, in Welsh. Through years of experience in the outdoors, and with outdoor clothing and equipment, we have learned the best place to start is on the inside, and work out.

The Antur range does just that, it is the final line of defence, sitting directly against your skin. It offers a snugger fit, working to aid comfort and provide support during active use in the hills. Its sectioned design allows more natural movement.

The polyester polyamide wicking properties draw sweat away from the skin, aiding cooling and reducing the effects of windchill, working to regulate the wearers temperature when in use.

Size & Fit

S 34″ M 38″ L 42″ XL 46″ 2XL 50″


Made using seamless stitching from 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide


performance wear

A blend of materials selected specifically for their wicking properties, making them ideal for active mountain use, running, cycling and gym wear.



Antur means Adventure. This is part of our Antur range, designed to complement one another in the ideal outdoor mountain outfits.


moisture wicking

The moisture wicking properties means that the garment helps to regulate temperature through various conditions


light weight

It’s low weight makes it ideal for fast and light travel, as well as overnight expeditions if a spare is needed.

Every item bought helps to maintain the pathways in our National Parks